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CC Pace consultants are at the intellectual forefront in several areas, including mortgage technology and business process redesign. Please explore some of our thought leadership.


Is CRM Right for You?- Is CRM a profitable place to put your company ‘s investments? This paper is intended to help you find out.

Maximizing Value, Minimizing Cost in Software Selection How can you choose wisely when you need more functionality than your current system delivers? Learn about an approach that helps mitigate the risks associated with a significant corporate investment.

Prioritizing Projects to Maximize Return on InvestmentHow can a company facilitate return on investment analysis and assess the benefits of implementing specific information management projects?


Business Process Redesign

The Shocking Truth About E-Mortgages
Don’t Count on Silver Bullets
New Roles for Rules
The Tale of Tech Cities
Managing Enterprise Risk
Putting Quality and Control Back in Quality Control
The Future of Automated Underwriting
Defining Project Success
Why Should I Care About Rules Engines?
Managing Cyclicality

Mortgage Industry

Strategic Maneuver
Wither Commerical Mortgage Technology
The Promise and Perils of Reverse Mortgages
The Upside of the Downturn
Project Risk Management
The New Face of Imaging

Software Selection

Selecting the Right Technology System: Is it an Art or Science?
Maintaining a Vendor Relationship
Communicating Change?
ASP vs. MSP: Is Either Right for You?
The New System Is Live — How Come It’s Not Better?
Negotiating a Vendor Contract

LOS Implementation

Looking for ROI in LOS
Why Do I Need My Own Project Manager if the Vendor Provides One?
Demand Surges for the Hosted LOS