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Dawne Ward

CCPace-DawneLet’s meet Dawne and get to know her…

What is one interesting fact about your high school or college?

George Mason University – On March 26, 2006, the No. 11 seed Patriots took down No. 1 Connecticut in overtime 86-84. George Mason, a school that had never won an NCAA tournament game before 2006, went to the Final Four.

What is your favorite vacation destination?  ​

The Beach with family.

Surprise parties: Love ‘em or hate ‘em?

Love them!

A movie? A concert? A ball game? What is your favorite spectator activity?

I like all of these things but would probably go for a concert first.

Describe the origin of “schmorgled” and please use it in a sentence!

I have no idea!  I sometimes use the word to describe a mix up/confusion.

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