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Philippa Fewell

CCPace-PhilLet’s meet Phil and get to know her…

How many pets do you currently have?

2 horses; 1 dog; 5 cats (2 of those adopted us!)

Where is the best place you’ve traveled for work?

England – since I was born there, going back for Capital One gave me a chance to see the country again and reconnect with family.  I even took my Dad with me one time.

Something most people don’t know about me is…

I always wanted to be an anthropologist but my dad convinced me I wouldn’t make any money and would prefer to wear a suit.

My coworkers would describe me as…

Loud, Quick to Laugh, Smart, Driven and yes Bossy.

If you could only pick three foods to eat for a month, which foods would you choose?

Chicken quesadilla; chicken Pad See Ew and white chocolate raspberry cake – I would be fat and happy!

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