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Pass2Play Privacy Policy

Effective as of 9/1/2020

This “Privacy Policy” explains how C.C. Pace Systems, Inc (“CC Pace”) collects, uses, discloses and otherwise processes end users’ data in connection with the Pass2Play mobile application (“Pass2Play App” or “App”). This Privacy Policy also describes the choices available to individuals with respect to data when using the Pass2Play App.

Your “Participating Organization” is defined as a legal entity that contracts with CC Pace to create an account with specific users of the system, called “Team Members”. Team Members are defined as general users of the Pass2Play App who can perform basic functions of the App. “Account Admins” are defined as representatives from the Participating Organization that can view and manage the submitted data of all their Team Members.

About CC Pace and the Pass2Play App

CC Pace is a business and technology consulting firm with over 40 years of experience working with both the public and private sector. It was founded, and continues to operate, on the principles of integrity, quality and serving the public good. The Pass2Play App was built in consultation with professors from George Mason University to provide specific groups of individuals, such as an athletic team, with a tool to manage Team Members’ COVID-19 risk. Personal health data generated by each Team Member is stored in a centralized, secure database that is only accessible by CC Paceyour Participating Organization and the individual Team Member. Data is encrypted at rest and in transit in the Amazon Web Services cloud platform.

How it works

The Pass2Play App provides a COVID symptom screening and exposure survey that is filled out and submitted daily by each Team Member. Account Admins are automatically notified if a Team Member meets the criteria to quarantine or isolate. Account Admins can also view the health status of each team member, along with the factors that generated their status. One of the factors includes a COVID-19 positive test result which is submitted by the Team Member.

Your Choices

A Participating Organization may require usage of the Pass2Play App as a prerequisite for participation in an activity. In this case, the terms of use for this scenario are provided by each individual Participating Organization. At any time, Team Members may opt out of notifications of the Pass2Play App. They are encouraged to work with their Participating Organization when making these choices.

Additional terms of use might be dictated by the Team Member’s Participating Organization.

Notification if you test positive

Upon submitting a health survey that indicates a COVID-19 positive test result, Account Admins will be notified immediately through a mobile notification. However, this notification will not contain personal information. The Account Admin must login to the App to see the specific details about the positive test result.

Terminating, uninstalling and removing the App

A Team Member may delete or uninstall the Pass2Play App at any time. Their personal health information will be automatically deleted after 21 days. Team Members may contact their Account Admin or CC Pace to delete this information before 21 days. Support contact information is below.

Sharing of information

CC Pace will not share your information with any third parties.  Additional terms of use might be dictated by the Team Member’s Participating Organization.

Opting out of push notifications

Team Members may receive reminders to fill out and submit their health survey via push notifications. They can deactivate push notifications at any time by removing the Pass2Play App or changing the notifications settings on their device.

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