You want to be unique. CC Pace builds software solutions that distinguish you.

In the highly competitive legal services industry, the mid-sized law firm can still successfully compete. Competitive pricing, either lower rates or fixed prices, is essential; but to maintain margins, these pricing models require new operational efficiencies.

Pricing alone isn’t the full solution. A mid-sized firm must also establish and market its uniqueness. And for many mid-sized law firms, IT is the springboard for creating those efficiencies and establishing that uniqueness.

Off-the-shelf solutions are part of the answer, but they can be pricey and often require you to pay for capabilities you’ll never use. Plus, they don’t always fill every gap. Major needs such as e-discovery and document management are often well served, but what about the narrower, more specialized needs that set your capabilities apart from the competition?

That’s where custom application development comes into play. Large law firms can afford in-house application development teams, but what does the mid-sized law firm do? The reasonable alternative is outsourced application development. And CC Pace does it better than anyone—with a spotless track record of building just these sorts of “niche” applications—ones you can’t find off the shelf (and projects where you only pay for application specialists when you need them).

Our agile software development techniques involve you in the build process. We put you in control of exactly which features get built, and in what order, so that you’re only paying for what you think is most important.

Application types we specialize in:

Customer self-service portals

These portals publish your clients’ data to a secure website that only your clients can access. Each client sees only their own data, with rigorous security in place to prevent unauthorized or inadvertent data access. Now your clients can access their records from anywhere, including on the road with mobile devices. Your operational costs are reduced because your staff isn’t manning phone lines with help requests.

Public database mining systems

These systems download and search through publicly available databases for information relevant to your clients. The data are then presented to your associates for action. As an example, government databases often contain regulatory information related to your clients. Rather than search through a forest of information, which may be located at multiple sites, a CC Pace solution can aggregate data from several sites and filter the data so you can concentrate on serving your clients’ needs.

Interfaces between your existing off the shelf systems

You may have off the shelf systems that each do a great job, but getting data from one system to another involves manual workflow and spreadsheet work. A CC Pace custom solution can cut through the overhead, giving you a Web-based workflow solution and automated data conversion between your systems.