Financial Services Resources

CC Pace consultants are at the intellectual forefront in several areas, including mortgage technology and business process redesign. Please explore some of our thought leadership.


Mortgage Banking & Technology: Lenders’ Perspective – CC Pace recently surveyed a broad cross-section of mortgage banking executives across the country.  This white paper will explore lenders’ perspectives on the current lending environment, their priorities of the day, and their thoughts on moving forward.

Is CRM Right for You?- Is CRM a profitable place to put your company’s investments? This paper is intended to help you find out.

Maximizing Value, Minimizing Cost in Software Selection How can you choose wisely when you need more functionality than your current system delivers? Learn about an approach that helps mitigate the risks associated with a significant corporate investment.

Prioritizing Projects to Maximize Return on InvestmentHow can a company facilitate return on investment analysis and assess the benefits of implementing specific information management projects?

The Art of Planning a LOS Budget – This white paper is intended to help you think more broadly when preparing a budget for implementing a LOS.