Agile Coaching

We’ve all been told that “agile” is a journey. Training, or establishing a baseline of knowledge, is a crucial first step. In fact, many Agile frameworks are relatively simple to learn, and additional resources (books, blogs, user groups, etc.) are abundant.

However, as you move forward with your organization’s Agile transformation, you’re likely to encounter a few obstacles, challenges, and unanswered questions you never expected—questions about how best to put what you’ve learned into practice.

This is where Agile coaching comes in. Coaching, by definition, is simply an interactive, results-oriented process that brings about change. The coach’s role is to provide the necessary support that allows you to enhance your own skills, resources and natural creativity in order to achieve your goals.

CCPace-Glove_LLP8796-finalBecause every organization faces its own unique challenges when undergoing an Agile transformation, our coaches leverage their vast array of practical, hands-on experiences to guide you through those challenges. Whether your needs are at the project level (focusing on the core principles), or at the enterprise level (focusing on a holistic approach to adoption), we’re ready to help.

In fact, CC Pace coaches have a deep understanding of all frameworks under the agile umbrella—Scrum, XP, Kanban, SAFe, etc.—as well as advanced skills and experience in change management, program management and governance that goes hand-in-hand with moving organizations from simple adoption of practices to the successful transformation of business agility.

Our coaches believe in cultural fit–whatever works best for you—and are never dogmatic about methods or tools. And through just-in-time training, coaching and mentoring for teams, managers and leadership, we can apply either a top-down or bottom-up approach.

No matter where your journey takes you, CC Pace’s Agile Coaches will help you get there—successfully.