Agile Leadership Workshop


Leaders are the most powerful factor in influencing an organization’s success in the transition to Agile. Increasing leadership effectiveness, empowering teams and transforming the organization can be challenging. This course provides an understanding of the shaping of Agile in an organization, the impact it will have, and how leaders can best move the initiative forward. Roles, dynamics and leadership style are just a few topics covered. Specific techniques and tips are also provided to aid in the transition through lessons learned. Finally, current circumstances and challenges specific to the organization will be discussed.

Who Should Attend

Product Owners and Business Stakeholders who are responsible for the specification and ROI of product, IT Managers and anyone in a leadership position that will be supporting an Agile Team(s) in its delivery.


There are no prerequisites for this course.

Course Topics

  • Agile Overview and Benefits
  • Agile Versus Waterfall
  • Scrum Overview
  • Transition Versus Adoption
  • Leading in an Agile Environment

Learning Objectives

  • Have a baseline understanding of how the delivery model for business scope is changing
  • Understand what an Agile transformation really takes
    • Understanding the impact Agile will have on organization, process and people
    • Insight into the challenges of Agile adoption
  • Take away what you as leaders can do to advocate and reinforce the right behaviors in your teams