Agile Orientation


The purpose of this 2-hour siminar is to raise awareness for individuals who will be interacting with Agile teams. This will lay the foundation for introducing the Agile process and lend better understanding of how roles and interactions may be impacted by an Agile transformation.

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Who Should Attend

Attendees should include anyone who will provide a service for an Agile team or who is downstream from an Agile team.


No prior Agile experience is necessary—just an open mind and the desire to improve delivery of customer value.

Course Topics

  • Basics of Agile Methodologies and Lean Principles
  • The Basic Planning Framework Used by Scrum Teams
  • Iterative and Incremental Delivery
  • Key Benefits of the Scrum Process

Learning Objectives

Using interactive presentations, the Agile Orientation class will enable participants to:

  • Understand the theory and application of Agile principles
  • Discern the distinctions between Agile and traditional development practices
  • Understand the basic principles behind lean Agile process improvement
  • Explain the relationship between Agile and organizational transformation