User Stories Workshop


This is a 4-hour course designed to facilitate the writing of good user stories.  The class focuses on the types of product backlog items, story writing, and estimation. Participants will engage in a series of activities that help them understand the basics of user story writing, what makes a good user story, and how to make stories small enough to fit in a sprint but still deliver value.

Who Should Attend

Anyone intending to work with or on Agile projects.


Our Agile Basics course is a prerequisite to this course. We also highly recommend you attend our Introduction to Scrum course.

Course Topics

  • Fundamentals of User Stories
  • Stories vs. Requirements
  • User Story Principles
  • Test Criteria as Part of the Story
  • Story Size
  • Splitting Stories
  • Business Value and Estimation
  • Technical Stories

Learning Objectives

The User Story Workshop will enable participants to understand:

  • How to effectively communicate customer needs to the team through user stories
  • What elements make up a good story
  • How to determine the right amount of detail and size to put into user stories and test criteria
  • How to write technical and non-functional stories