Our Agile Story

How can a software development business over 40 years-old be on the cutting edge?

Simple – we were born agile. It’s just taken a few decades for the world to catch up.

Since our start in 1980, we’ve seen dozens of business and technology cycles come and go. Through it all, we’ve stayed true to those founding tenets of collaboration, flexible delivery, and client success – and it’s served us well.

So well, in fact, that nearly 100% of our clients say they’d do business with CC Pace again. Not because we’re 100% perfect. But because we’re 100% committed to getting things right.

Which just goes to show that when you mix together technology done well with customized, tailored services, and throw in a team of seasoned agile practitioners, you don’t have to reinvent yourself year after year.

The new guard is still the old guard. Our tools and our techniques will change. Our results and our principles will endure. And that’s the story of CC Pace:

We didn’t build a business around agile. Agile built a business.

Our “Agile” Story


CC Pace uses an Agile methodology, XP, for the first time on a custom software development project


A global private equity company chooses CC Pace to build a deal tracking system using agile methodologies


Due to the overwhelming success of the initial agile projects, CC Pace adopts agile as its SDLC for all development efforts


After over a year of unsuccessful effort, a national financial services company engages CC Pace to deliver a major new software platform; using agile software delivery, CC Pace successfully delivers in 9 months


CC Pace releases Loan Guaranty Express, its multi-tenant SaaS platform to ease integration of Loan Origination Systems with the Department of Veterans Affairs e-LGC program


After years of successfully delivering agile projects to our clients, CC Pace launches Agile Training and Coaching services to help our clients develop their own agile capabilities


CC Pace delivers the award-winning Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA) system for the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board, bringing transparency and digital delivery to the municipal securities market; long-term relationship with the MSRB allows CC Pace to continually improve the EMMA system


Agile Leadership Network names CC Pace to Agile Leadership Network Board of Governors


CC Pace delivers the market operations system of the Nodal Exchange energy futures trading platform; built in 14 months, the exchange goes on to win Energy Risk Magazine’s 2013 Exchange of the Year award


CC Pace delivers the National Student Clearinghouse’s Student Tracker for High Schools Next Generation, a platform for longitudinal education research; it uses the NSC’s billion-fact data warehouse


Keller and Heckman LLP engages CC Pace to deliver FCC License Management Application, which integrates the FCC license database with Keller and Heckman’s internal business processes; delivered in 10 weeks, it yields both increased revenue and reduced costs


CC Pace awarded Agile contracts with the Department of Justice and GSA


CC Pace is awarded Agile contracts with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), and large commercial healthcare payers to solidify entry into the healthcare market


Individuals trained or coached by CC Pace surpasses 45,000


Twisty Systems mobile app launches! CC Pace provided the technology solutions as well as the mobile IOS navigation application itself

… through it all, our agile projects have a 100% success rate, and our clients’ full satisfaction has branded us as thought leaders in the agile community.

So come talk to us. Because everything we’ve learned in the past—is here to serve you in the future.