Business & Data Consulting

Turning Strategic visions into operational reality.

Our business and data consulting practice’s value proposition is simple: bring seasoned domain knowledge to bear at a fair price. We are frequently called on to perform assessments and provide recommendations related to technology, business processes, data, and organizational design to enable companies to better achieve their business objectives.

Over the years, we have earned our clients’ trust by acting as an unbiased, knowledgeable catalyst for change, such as when we played an instrumental role in introducing automated underwriting to the mortgage industry, or more recently where we’ve helped clients apply machine learning to better support decision making.

Some of our most requested Business & Data Consulting offerings include:


Outside perspectives can make all the difference. Our consultants provide an unbiased assessment of the current processes, bringing in an extra pair of hands to aid an over-tapped management team. We find the inefficiencies hiding in the corner and provide you with an actionable plan to drive efficiency and impact the bottom line. Hear from one of our clients below:

Model Governance:

Model Governance processes are critical to the success of regulated entities, yet they are often ignored. We are currently helping some of the most sophisticated entities in financial services maintain strong governance while keeping the business moving. Unlike our competitors, we don’t need an army to meet your needs.

Business Process Transformation:

Ensuring that your core business processes are efficient is a critical step in staying competitive. With CC Pace, process improvement consulting means partnering with clients—taking the time to listen and collaborate and achieve near-term results together. That’s what fuels our exceptional results, as seen here.

Data Science and Governance:

Data-driven businesses are, by design, better positioned to identify and capitalize on new business opportunities, as well as respond to potential challenges (both internal and external).  We are deeply skilled in helping our clients understand their data assets, manage them better, and leverage them to make faster, better business decisions.

Operations & Technology Due Diligence:

Our team of business-minded technology professionals are experts in the due diligence process—conducting studies, analyzing the results, and developing creative, pragmatic strategies for meeting your goals. From planning low-cost-of-entry ventures to assessing strategic acquisitions for expansion opportunities, we’ll help you find the best path forward.

Vendor Software & Selection:

Avoid the pitfalls and pain points of adopting a new system. From managing the RFP process to implementation, our seasoned consultants ensure you make the right decisions, for the right reasons, and that the people, processes, and technology all align.