Our Current Projects


Model Governance Project:

We are helping a large secondary mortgage market participant meet the regulatory and compliance needs of their enterprise risk management team and regulator by working across modelers and economists in describing, assessing, and resolving audit concerns.

New Mortgage Technology Offering Strategy:

We are helping the CEO of a mortgage technology provider assess how to further penetrate the market they operate in across their suite of offerings.

Next Generation in Lending:

We are helping a publicly traded firm expand further in automotive lending by moving to a next-generation lending capability.

Agile Coaching for a Nonprofit:

We are providing Agile coaching to a well-known nonprofit media brand looking to increase the Agile maturity of five offshore scrum teams and align them more closely with the needs of the business.

Agile Coaching in Life Insurance: 

We are providing Agile coaching to a large life insurance provider looking to transform several significant programs.

Agile in Manufacturing:

We are helping a well-known manufacturer transform their IT organization and execute a very large Agile Operations Technology initiative while also providing coaching in the engineering and manufacturing organization.

Value Stream Identification: 

CC Pace is driving the process of Value Stream Identification and ART restructuring to align customer value for a not-for-profit healthcare organization. As part of this process, CC Pace is establishing guidelines for intake and prioritization, redefining roles, and coaching SAFe practices.

Centralized Content Management:

We are helping a large lender centralize content storage in an effort to meet regulatory requirements around the retention of documents and reports.

Route Optimization:

We are helping a logistic firm to optimize its delivery times across hundreds of drivers by providing a decision model that they can use on their own.