Custom Application Development

When success is your only option, CC Pace is your only choice.

Our custom application development practice can solve your business problems with tailored enterprise-class technology. We have expertise in agile project management, business analysis, coding, data systems, and quality assurance.

Our team members are passionate about custom application development. We know Scrum and Kanban. We know how to write agile stories. We’re experts in Extreme Programming and agile testing. But we also believe there’s an art and a craft to successful custom application development. It goes beyond tools and techniques. It’s more than just writing good code or making every deadline. It’s about owning the outcome, discovering what you—the client—need from the finished product, and mastering the leadership and team skills it takes to push relentlessly towards that ultimate success.

And so above all, we know that what you want isn’t just a set of hands you’ll have to direct through each project task. What you want is a team of experts with the technical competency and the leadership skills to deliver the outcome you need from your custom application development effort.

Since 1980, we’ve embodied the values of shared responsibility with our clients, unwavering dedication to their success, and commitment to do right by them. These values became a part of the agile movement, and so in 1999 it was only natural for us to adopt agile software development methodologies. Since then, through dozens of engagements, ranging from small two-month projects to multi-year projects, we’ve never had an unsatisfied customer or an unsuccessful delivery. Not even once, and that’s a record we’re proud of. We invite you to discover for yourself what our existing clients already know: if you engage our custom application development team, your project will succeed.

Individual Services