Digital Services Case Studies

CC Pace has a track record of solving our clients’ most challenging problems.  Over the years, we’ve had the distinct pleasure of working on a variety of projects and providing an array of innovative solutions to our clients.  We invite you to check out a few of our recent projects which are summarized below:

Improving FHLBI’s Loan Acquisition System
(LAS) for the Mortgage Purchase Program

CC Pace was engaged to modify FHLBI”s Loan Acquisition System to accept files in the Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization (MISMO) format to replace the legacy system. Additionally, FHLBI wanted to improve the customer experience, increase performance of acquiring loans from member banks and prepare for compliance reporting. CC Pace performed analysis and provided efficient scalable solutions to solve the problems with future hurdles in mind. Click here to read the entire Case Study.

Building an Innovative Mobile Navigation Application for an Ambitious Virginia Startup

Twisty Systems LLC novel and innovative data science finds every twisty and winding road in the world, and then helps drivers of performance cars and motorcycles find them and drive on them. CC Pace provided the solutions that delivered over a thousand-fold acceleration of the data analysis algorithms, set up the cloud servers and geographic databases supporting the mobile application, and then developed eye-catching state of the art demo of the analytics and mapping, as well as the mobile IOS navigation application itself. Click here to read the entire Case Study.

Going Serverless

Pass2Play is a COVID screening and automated contact-tracing platform built for organizations that need to safely manage their in-person teams. We built it using a native cloud architecture to manage operating costs and provide on-demand scaling. The platform includes a mobile/web apps plus IoT cardholder devices that track contact events between team members. Pass2Play was developed in partnership with faculty from George Mason University.