Financial Services Case Studies

CC Pace has a track record of solving our clients’ most challenging problems.  Over the years, we’ve had the distinct pleasure of working on a variety of projects and providing an array of innovative solutions to our clients.  We invite you to check out a few of our recent projects which are summarized below:

Consumer Lending Platform Selection

To better serve their growing consumer lending activities, Virginia Credit Union (VACU) realized their need for a new consumer lending platform. For finding the best option for their unique needs, VACU turned to CC Pace to lead the initiative. We performed a detailed analysis of potential solutions, led the due diligence of the products and vendor organizations and ultimately delivered a thoroughly vetted recommendation and roadmap capable of achieving their goals.  Click here to read the entire Case Study.

Launching a New FinTech-enabled Business

Start-up mortgage broker operation Union Plus wished to launch a modern, efficient call center for loan applicant sourcing. They engaged CC Pace as an advisor for market research and industry intelligence to help them develop a scalable best of breed systems strategy. The technical roadmap and operational workflow model we crafted allowed them to successfully launch this line of business with exceptional customer service. Click here to read the entire Case Study.

A Regional Bank’s Real Estate Lending Business Transformation

Huntington National Bank’s residential mortgage business was struggling with outdated legacy systems and operational inefficiencies. They brought in CC Pace to lead a complete business transformation, combining their mortgage and home equity lines of business onto a consolidated lending platform. The resulting streamlined process and improved organizational design has allowed them to increase production, communicate better with customers and earn high ratings in numerous industry benchmarks. Click here to read the entire Case Study.