LOS Implementation

Effective competitors in today’s mortgage market aren’t held back by outdated technology.

Especially in the aftermath of the financial crisis—with changes to regulations, investor requirements and underwriting standards placing demands on legacy mortgage systems that simply can’t be met.

To assist, CC Pace does more than just help clients implement new mortgage systems—we ensure that those newly implemented systems succeed in yielding measurable benefits. And that takes both technical knowledge of Loan Origination Systems (LOS) and business knowledge of the mortgage industry.

In other words, you’d better have seasoned consultants with both business and technology acumen—plus years of LOS implementation experience.

That’s why clients come to CC Pace. Because we’re focused on implementing LOS solutions in the shortest time to value, while minimizing ongoing support costs and maintenance complexities. Keeping you competitive today, and far into the future.

The Devil Is In the Details

Today’s LOS vendors offer their customers a nearly endless variety of sophisticated tools, options, and custom configurations. But with so many options available, lenders can easily lose their way.

Too often, this results in missed deadlines, cost overruns, and broken promises. In fact, even if an LOS works well initially, it can still foster long-term headaches—like burdensome maintenance costs or the inability to accommodate future market changes.

CC Pace helps our clients avoid these implementation pitfalls with a structured approach, a wealth of industry experience, and our very own encyclopedia of lessons learned from prior implementations.

Through every step of the implementation process, we’ll ensure our clients know exactly what to look for, find exactly what they need, and receive exactly what they expect—an LOS capable of supporting both current and future needs.

Don’t Go Paving Cowpaths

We see it all the time: inefficient business processes getting institutionalized because of the technology shortcomings in legacy systems.

Don’t fall into that trap. System replacement efforts are the perfect opportunity to rethink how your business can be conducted more efficiently. And CC Pace is here to help you streamline your processes in preparation for (or in conjunction with) a new LOS implementation.

Our full LOS and system implementation services include:

  • Vendor Management (including contract negotiation support)
  • Project Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Programming
  • Testing
  • Integration Services

Customization. Configuration. Integration… CC Pace can help.