Software Selection

Regulatory requirements. Organizational restructuring. Process automation. Vendor consolidation. Technology advancements. Obsolescence.

There’s no shortage of reasons for companies to replace their aging systems with newer, better software. But picking a new system can be stressful—especially when it’s a once-in-a-decade decision.

For big choices like this, companies often hire outside experts to help guide the selection process. And when the stakes are highest and decisions most crucial, that’s when they turn to CC Pace. Because we don’t evaluate software systems every few years. We do it every day.

And through that experience, we’ve developed a proven methodology and deep understanding of best practices to help guide our clients to software decisions that are right for them.

Our Only Bias Is Client Satisfaction

Staying vendor-neutral doesn’t win us many friends in the software industry, but it’s a big part of why our clients trust us, time and again, to deliver solutions with maximum cost-effectiveness and shortest time to value.

Most consultants will try to steer their clients toward software decisions that serve their own vested interests. But our only interest is doing what’s best for you.

That’s why we take the time to educate our clients on the state of the marketplace, leveraging our years of experience and depth of insight. It’s why we work with clients to determine upfront selection criteria, and why we do everything in our power to eliminate the time (and labor expense) of evaluating products with little chance of success.

Our approach to software selection is to facilitate—not dictate—your decision process. We won’t tell you what to buy. But we’ll ensure you have all the information you need to make the right decision, for all the right reasons.

Software Selection Is Just the Starting Point

With CC Pace, you’ll never lose sight of your real goal—not merely selecting software, but successfully implementing software that meets your long-term needs.

That’s why choosing the right system takes more than a simple evaluation of features and functions. With guidance from CC Pace, you’ll learn to evaluate both software products and their respective vendors—for cultural and organizational compatibility, implementation track records (on-time and within budget), quality and availability of long-term maintenance and support, and both the costs of acquisition and long-term use.

After all, what’s the point of making a choice you’ll regret before it’s even paid for itself?