Operations & Technology Due Diligence

Knowing how best to proceed means knowing precisely where you are today, and where you need to be tomorrow.

Shifting customer demands, competitive pressures, technology evolution and compliance requirements necessitate the frequent re-synchronization of your business structure with the industry’s dynamics and changing technological landscape. And that’s where CC Pace can help.

CC Pace’s Strategic Services

When it comes to helping our clients make their best strategic decisions, our first job is to listen carefully to you—to the issues you face, the goals you hope to achieve and the avenues you’d be willing to pursue. Then, we’ll methodically identify areas for improvement, more efficient roles for your technology, and a roadmap for getting from here to there.

Our team of business-minded technology professionals are experts in the due diligence process—conducting studies, analyzing the results, and developing creative, pragmatic strategies for meeting your goals.

From planning low-cost of entry ventures to assessing strategic acquisitions for expansion opportunities; from taking stock of listless divisions to gaining insights into the competition. In each and every case, we’ll help you do what’s best for your organization’s technological and operational success.

Examples of our services include:

  • Operational assessments of lines of business
    • Determining whether to stay the course, make dramatic changes, or even shutter non-performing operations
  • Technology due diligence on the systems assets of potential acquisitions
    • Evaluating the strategic value of technology systems and infrastructure
    • Determining the technology strategy for establishing operations post-acquisition
  • Technology strategy and technical pro forma for start-up ventures
  • Competitive research and market evaluations
  • Project portfolio assessment
    • Realigning technology priorities
    • Refocusing initiatives that are veering off course
  • Feasibility assessments
    • Helping investors understand new markets, develop market entry strategies and contain the cost of becoming operational

Transforming an enterprise is no small undertaking. It takes preparation and insightful analysis—the operations and technology due diligence that buttresses our clients’ most successful business decisions.