Dragos Dumitriu

DragosDragos Dumitriu is an industry leader in the Agile community and renowned Kanban expert. Since 2004 he has been applying Agile and Lean methods to speed product delivery and to improve organizational efficiency at team, program, portfolio, and organization levels.

Dragos’ fascination with computers began at age sixteen when he assembled his first Sinclair computer from a mail order kit. Video output was to a television set and programs were loaded from an audio tape. Curious minded, he wanted to understand the “magic” of that audio tape so he learned BASIC and started writing programs for fun on… paper as it was all he had in then communist Romania. After immigrating to the US and completing a BS in Management of Information Systems, he got into IT in 1999. He worked in every lifecycle phase of software development, consulting, training and IT operations.

His innovative work in IT ten years ago paved the road for what is known today as Software Kanban Systems. The story is described in chapter 4 of David Anderson’s book Kanban, Successful Evolutionary Change for Your Technology Business. Today, Kanban is being used worldwide as a management method to identify and eliminate constraints and waste while dramatically improving workflows for knowledge workers.

Dragos experience includes building, leading and coaching large distributed teams both onshore and offshore. He has held training and consulting roles for Siebel, Microsoft, and the Lean Kanban University in over 300 engagements worldwide.

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