Philippa Fewell

Philippa FewellPhilippa Fewell has had a long-tenured, progressive consulting career leading to her current position as Managing Director of CC Pace’s Enterprise Solutions Group. Ms. Fewell’s practice focuses on application development services, training and coaching in Lean and Agile Methods.

Ms. Fewell has over twenty-nine years of managing and delivering complex financial and technology projects for both Fortune 500 and startups. She is an accomplished executive and hands-on manager, with demonstrated expertise in driving and supporting executive mandates to facilitate and enable business objectives. Ms. Fewell has an exceptional track record of managing stakeholder’s at all organizational levels, with emphasis on establishing cultures of trust, and building high-performance teams.

Ms. Fewell has practiced Agile Methods with development teams for the last thirteen years, is a Certified Scrum Practitioner and regularly speaks on the topic of Agile benefits and practices. Ms. Fewell has coached dozens of Agile project teams to success utilizing both formal and just-in-time training methods. Ms. Fewell has led the development of CC Pace’s nationally recognized Agile Training curriculum and has trained thousands of individuals on the Agile Methodology. Ms. Fewell works continuously with Agile Industry Leaders sharing ideas and thoughts on improving agile training and adoption practices. She is recognized for her in-depth knowledge and practical experience in Agile, bringing hands-on, real-world techniques to the teams she works with.  Ms Fewell has also recently become a SAFe Program Consultant.

Ms. Fewell earned a BS in Computer Science with a minor in Business from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

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