Working Together with Millennials

Working Together with Millennials

Now that you have hired millennials, this last blog in our millennials series discusses integrating them to become part of your team, and making changes to your organization to fit their professional needs. As with any new employee, it takes time for that person to become acclimated to your organization.

This article, 2018 Millennials at Work Report, touches on managing this generation, millennials in leadership and long-term change. Making small changes across the board to create a more relaxed work environment seems to be a key starting point. Even employees outside of this generation will welcome change as they too seek more flexible schedules, cutting edge technology, professional development and management feedback.

If leaders are willing to take the time to invest in this generation of workers, it will surely make a difference to not only their teams, but their business.

We came across in interesting article on Tips for Interviewing Millennials (And What They Really Want from a Job).  It discusses how, in the workforce today, there are 5 different generations of workers. How does an employer position themselves to be attractive to each of these generations?

The first step would be understanding what each generation is looking for in an employer and seeing how that fits within your organization. Millennials have quickly become the largest growing pool of candidates and interviewing them may be a bit different than previous generations.

The top items they want to hear about are equality, flexibility and growth. This article will give you some key questions to ask to ensure both you and the candidate are on the same page to create a perfect union.

In our previous blog What Really Matters to Millennials Today, we discussed that more than one third of the workforce today are millennials.  Employers are now asking themselves, what can we do to appeal this demographic?

How to Attract Millennials to Your Company highlights 4 key areas to consider when focusing on these job seekers to join your team:

  • Millennials Value Passion and Purpose
  • Allow Autonomy With Flex Hours
  • Don’t Ban Social Media
  • Revise Your Recruiting Process

This list is actually not limited to just millennials. Everyone, regardless of age, wants to feel passion and purpose, desires flexibility, uses social media and has changed the way they now job search. However, it is the millennials who have driven more companies to consider the importance of addressing what they have to offer.  Are you ready to revamp and do what it takes to attract millennials?

This post, The No. 1 Thing That Causes Millennial Employees to Quit, states that more than one third of the workforce in the United States is between the ages of 18 and 34 years old. It also points out that millennials are currently the largest group of workers in America.

Dominating the recruiting pool, millennials have made it well known that if they are not happy in their current work environment, they will move on without hesitation.  So, what can companies do to meet the needs of millennials? It seems the answer is not that difficult to find – to recruit and retain these workers, employers simply need to provide them a corporate culture that provides positivity, flexibility and the latest technologies.

Companies need to take a closer look at what they offer, and make the necessary changes to not only attract, but keep, these valuable employees who are the future of their organizations.