The Stallions Race Continues: A Player’s Perspective

The Stallions Race Continues: A Player’s Perspective

It has been an incredible journey and partnership between Team Stallions and our corporate sponsor, CC Pace. It is not just the sponsorship that matters, but the moral support and in-person attendance that has made this partnership truly valuable. This year has proven to be no different, and we were thrilled to welcome CC Pace’s CEO, Mike Gordon, and president Tim Van Tassel, as they took time from their busy schedules to attend a recent league game. Their interest in learning all the nuances of the game means a great deal to the team.

Over the years, Mike has been an avid team supporter, and he puts a lot of effort into getting to know the individual players. His enthusiasm for following the games remotely and sharing his insights has been amazing! Recently, Tim was able to get his introduction to the world of cricket, and he was just as engaged and interested in both the game and the players! It’s great to see such passionate support from the leadership team at CC Pace.

When the 2022 Season ended, despite losing many star players, The Stallions stood in fourth place in Division I (a division filled with champion-level teams). Luckily, we have a knack for finding the most talented players, and the 2023 Spring season is proving no different.

The Spring season started off well, but a few bad losses put the team in the back seat. However, once getting to the league stage, the team was able to bounce back with two stellar performances and convincing wins. These games boosted the team’s Net Run Rate. A big win in the final league game put the team in a good position for the playoffs. Starting Saturday, June 17, the team will begin a do-or-die journey to advance and try to lift the cup one more time!

The Stallion thank CC Pace and their fans for their support and friendship. #LetsGoStallions

Always in the Race, this is the Team Stallions motto! The pandemic hit in 2020, it shut down many activities worldwide including cricket. Cricket was affected at both the international and local recreational levels, so the CC Pace sponsored Stallions had to hunker down too! Luckily those days are behind us, and we can get everyone caught up on all things to do with the Stallions!


Happily, the Washington Metro Cricket League (WMCL) re-opened for the Spring 2021 season. Opening the season against a tough team, the Herndon Hawks, the Stallions got off to a fantastic start. Except for losing two games in the league stage of the season, the Stallions steamrolled into the play-off games and won every game. After a drought period of 6+ years and despite reaching the playoff stage in almost every season, in presumably the toughest division of the DMV area, the Stallions went on to win the championship!

While many would think the team should have been more than satisfied and content with their championship season, they are wrong. Not the Stallions – Always in the Race! The Fall 2021 season started with a loss, but the team never looked back and reached the play-off stage with impressive wins in the league stage. The play-off games were played with once-in-a-lifetime intensity. The quarterfinals and final games were each pushed into the last over and the Stallions prevailed. Winning the final by ONE run – lots of nerve-wracking stuff for the folks watching from the sidelines! Proudly, the Stallions won another championship! This was a historic moment as it was the first time any team had won back-to-back championships!

The Spring 2022 season started well, but the Team Stallions fell short of winning the championship. The Fall 2022 season has had a rough start, with many players having conflicts. Despite all this the Stallions have still put up some amazing fights and brought home the wins. All eyes are on the Stallions as they march onwards into the fall semi-finals – will they repeat the glory and go all the way? Only time will tell.

No matter what happens, the Stallions are no longer just a team, but more like a brand! One thing you can count on is that this team is Always in the Race!