Why CC Pace

Our Approach

Our clients say we’re a different type of consulting firm. So do our employees. We agree with that sentiment, but… is being different necessarily good?

Here’s our model, and you decide whether it’s good for you:

  • Hire highly talented, outcome-oriented people who are motivated foremost by accomplishment, committed to achieving excellence, and willing to let their financial rewards be dependent on their contributions.
  • Put them in a value-based culture where we don’t just talk about integrity and fairness, but rather let our leaders demonstrate those values by their actions. Above all, that means encouraging our people to always do what’s in the best interest of the client, irrespective of the financial impact on us.
  • Position our team to be leaders in our markets by establishing a few, highly specialized competencies in certain market segments and service offerings, and developing expertise and thought leadership exclusively in those areas.
  • Provide a flexible, client-centric service delivery structure where we recognize that every organization has different in-house capabilities and different goals, and we collaborate with our clients in whatever structure works best for them.
  • Hold ourselves accountable to our results by always meeting or exceeding client expectations— and if in any situation we do not, working tireless to make the needed corrections and ensuring our compensation matches only the value received.

The truth is, we’ll never be a perfect fit for everyone. But we think the actions of our clients and our employees are the best measure of whether or not this model is working.

Customer follow-on and referrals remain our primary source for new business. It’s comforting and rewarding to have clients today who were our customers more than three decades ago.

Continuity of quality service to clients depends highly on retention of personnel. CC Pace’s average employee tenure is 12+ years, including a number of employees with over 20 years.

So if that sounds like a winning formula for your next project, give us a call.

We are different. We plan to remain so.