About Us


Committed Partner. Creating Results.

CC Pace is not the biggest consulting firm in the world. We’re not the leader of all things. We’re not a “revolutionary paradigm shift,” whatever that means. We’re just… CC Pace.

And yet for those who know the name, it means something more than all the hyperbolic, self-congratulatory fluff on a typical corporate website. It means you can count on us. The way our clients have been counting on us since the first day we opened our doors.

And here’s something else you can count on – numbers, like:

  • 40 – the number of years that some of our clients have stayed with us.
  • 90 – the percentage of our business we get from repeat clients.
  • 80 – the percentage of new clients who come to us through referrals.
  • 12+ – the average tenure (in years) of our extraordinarily committed team members.

So what’s our secret? It’s simple – doing right by our clients, consistently, for over three decades. Taking the time to understand their true needs, devising tailored business, technology, and staffing solutions to enhance their true performance, and making sure each job gets done to their true satisfaction.

It’s the difference between just finishing a project, and finishing a project faster, better, and probably less expensively than anyone else—including an in-house team.

The truth is, building a firm you can count on isn’t easy. But it’s the only way we’ve ever wanted to do business. Because CC Pace means something to us, too—a commitment to quality, integrity, partnership, and results—for forty years and counting.