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    December 15, 2015

    35 Things CC Pace Employees are Thankful For

    This past year as CC Pace celebrates our 35th anniversary, it has caused us many moments to pause and reflect on our good fortune.  Now, as we celebrate the holidays we have asked our employees to help us create a list of 35 Things they are thankful for this year.  Enjoy!

    I am thankful for…

    1. Good Health
    2. The wonderful opportunity offered to me by CC Pace.
    3. CC Pace’s flexibility and support that allows me the ability to fulfill my volunteer commitments.
    4. Working within walking distance to Coastal Flats.coastalflats
    5. Clients who appreciate the high quality of our work and people.
    6. Netflix
    7. The new Star Wars movie “The Force Awakens”!
    8. Our great company reputation built by previous and current employees.
    9. Our Fairfax Corner office complex.
    10. Phil’s laugh (Philippa Fewell is the Managing Director of our Enterprise Solutions practice)phil
    11. CC Pace’s family friendly policies and atmosphere
    12. The Thanksgiving Pie I received from Mike Gordon!
    13. Fantasy Baseball Championship (or runner up!).
    14. The Client to whom/which I was assigned –  I love this client, my team and my role on the team!
    15. My children’s smiles that I see every day!
    16. A great work Culture at CC Pace.holidaybreakfast
    17. The Cloud.
    18. The queso at Uncle Julio’s Rio Grande – yum!
    19. My life, my love, my family (including our four footed creatures) and my work.
    20. I am thankful for our great team here at CC Pace.
    21. Family and good friends!
    22. Online shopping
    23. Staffing’s Holiday Breakfast!
    24. Being able to spend the holidays with my family!
    25. Today’s technology – after traveling for a week without access to a cell phone, I have a new appreciation for Google, text messaging and internet access!
    26. Free parking at work!
    27. Any day that 66 is not backed up!i66traffic
    28. Clay’s joke of the day – they never cease to put a smile on my face in the mornings.
    29. My furbaby, despite the fact that when I rescued her, I did so under the belief that she was mute and calm. She is neither.
    30. Amazon Prime for catering to my procrastination.
    31. Hoverboards
    32. Bagel and Donut day as well as the fresh fruit provided by CC Pace.
    33. Being in a great location that minimizes my commute and affords many places to shop, eat and catch up on errands.
    34. Moral victories in Fantasy Football.
    35. The U. S. service men and women that protect our freedoms.usservice

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