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    April 1, 2020

    40 Years and Forward

    Welcome to the first blog in our 40 Years and Forward anniversary series! All of us here at CC Pace love thinking back about where we have been, what we have accomplished and all the experience we have gained here at CC Pace, but we get even more excited thinking about where we are headed. That’s why we have decided that 40 Years and Forward is the perfect theme as we celebrate our 40th anniversary.

    We will start at the beginning in this first blog and do a bit of that much beloved reminiscing, shall we?  Did you know CC Pace was founded in 1980? It’s true. The very same year that Pac-Man was introduced, CNN was launched and the big topic around watercoolers across the country was “Who Shot JR?” (in case you don’t remember or possibly were not born yet, it was his wife Sue Ellen’s sister, Kristen). Anyway, 1980 was also the year during which CC Pace President and founder, Mike Gordon held an IT position with a financial services technology consulting firm called R. Shriver and Associates. When that firm decided to sell off their DC branch, Mike and some colleagues jumped at the opportunity to purchase it, and so as the story goes CC Pace was born.

    Here’s another piece of trivia and a question we get asked quite often: Where did the name CC Pace come from? It’s a bit of a long story, but here goes, Mike and his colleagues decided on the name Cabot Consulting for their new company.  Back then, Oil and Gas was the market that CC Pace’s focus was on and unfortunately, as Mike and his partners found out, there was a Fortune 500 oil and gas company that was named Cabot Corporation.  So, in 1988, they went through the naming process again.  The result was the name ‘Pace’.  Since Mike was looking for a way to transition from the old name to the new name, and the general consensus was to also consider adding either a word or prefix/suffix that would distinguish us from all the other Paces out there, it was decided to incorporate the prefix of C.C. that would reference  Cabot Consulting.  Yes, we admit our naming story is not a simple one, but that is how we ended up with our beloved name of C.C. Pace (aka CC Pace).

    Now that we have taken a little stroll down memory lane, we would like to invite you to stay tuned to our 40 Years and Forward blog series to see how we have adapted to change over the years and what our plans are for the future.

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