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    June 5, 2018

    Attracting Millennials to Join Your Team

    In our previous blog What Really Matters to Millennials Today, we discussed that more than one third of the workforce today are millennials.  Employers are now asking themselves, what can we do to appeal this demographic?

    How to Attract Millennials to Your Company highlights 4 key areas to consider when focusing on these job seekers to join your team:

    • Millennials Value Passion and Purpose
    • Allow Autonomy With Flex Hours
    • Don’t Ban Social Media
    • Revise Your Recruiting Process

    This list is actually not limited to just millennials. Everyone, regardless of age, wants to feel passion and purpose, desires flexibility, uses social media and has changed the way they now job search. However, it is the millennials who have driven more companies to consider the importance of addressing what they have to offer.  Are you ready to revamp and do what it takes to attract millennials?

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