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    August 7, 2023

    Celebrating Milestones!

    Celebrating employee milestones is always a highlight for us here at CC Pace. Taking a moment to look back and see how far we have come collectively and how individual contributions are the wheels behind our continued forward motion. We recently had the pleasure of doing exactly that, recognizing two amazing employees for their hard work and dedication. Mike Gordon, CC Pace’s CEO, was thrilled to honor Philippa (Phil) Fewell for 40 years of service, and Donna Kenney’s 5 years of contributions.

    Phil joined CC Pace in 1983, just a few years after the company was created. She started as a software developer and quickly rose to a leadership position.  Aside from her infectious laugh, one of Phil’s best traits is her ability to learn quickly and apply her new knowledge. She became a respected thought leader in the Agile world and has shared her expertise as a trainer, coach, mentor, and eventually, as a co-author of the book, Agile 2.  Mike Gordon said it best: “No one has meant more to the success and sustainability of CC Pace over all these years than Phil.” We couldn’t agree more!

    Donna was honored for her accomplishments as our Controller over the last 5 years. Over her time leading CC Pace’s Accounting department, she has spearheaded revisions to our general ledger structure, streamlined processes, directed an ACH rollout, and fine-tuned many internal and external accounting procedures. We are grateful for Donna’s hard work and dedication to CC Pace.

    Congratulations and cheers to Phil and Donna for their contributions and achievements!

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