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    July 9, 2015

    Five Lessons at My Fingertips

    Sometimes when I have wait time, I pull out my phone and play games.  Nothing sophisticated or too demanding, just something calming that allows my mind to wander.

    Last week I flew to DC, and, once seated, found myself waiting for everyone else to board.  So I pulled out my phone and played a round or two of “Swiped”….what can I say, it’s free and I like the bright colors.

    interior pic

    As I played, it dawned on me this simple, mindless little game reinforces some big concepts; concepts that influence our behavior and help define our comfort with change:

    Perfection slows me down
    Trying to optimize each move by swiping all possible jewels takes longer and may result in a lower score.  It’s a tradeoff that needs to be consciously made.  For you, is it more important to finish everything perfectly, or finish enough and move on?

    Smaller isn’t exciting, but it adds up
    In baseball, hitting a “home run” is exciting and adds to the score quicker.  It also makes for bigger heroes.  Yet looking for that perfect ball allows a lot of balls to go by that are “good enough” to hit and keep the game going.  How ‘bout you….do you go for the small, sure hit, or do you wait for the home-run ball?

    The closer I get, the less I see
    Perspective makes a difference in situational awareness.  Holding the phone close, or focusing too much, or too early, on a specific move keeps me from seeing other possibilities.  Holding it a little farther away allows me to stay aware of the whole, while still seeing details and possibilities for the next move or two.  What perspective is best for you?

    Gold is dazzling, but isn’t necessarily the best move
    Those bright and shiny gold gems really draw my eye, sometimes distracting me from seeing different options, and making better choices.  Do you find yourself drawn by the gold?

    Sometimes the best move is any move
    Start somewhere, deal with what’s in front of you, see what develops, and do the best you can to keep moving forward.  How about you….do you pause to consider options, or do you make quick decisions and move forward?

    Send me a comment…I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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