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    January 18, 2018

    Retirement and Beyond – Harold Rudolf

    A few weeks ago at our company meeting and holiday party, we celebrated Harold Rudolf’s retirement.  It was a bittersweet day for us as we were losing a respected colleague who had been a part of the CC Pace family for 25 years.

    Originally, Harold came on board and joined our Oil and Gas business unit.  When we decided to leave that business, Harold transitioned to the Mortgage business unit and began at one of our key clients, Freddie Mac.  He entrenched himself in the mortgage business and played many roles including: a business SME, business analyst and tester. He was so thorough and detailed in his work, and such a valuable asset, that he built quite the reputation and was requested by many clients over and over again!  As the company moved to Agile, so did Harold, learning xP, Scrum, lean process design and numerous other methodologies and tools that he could put in his tool kit to use when solving client problems.  He was known for his commitment to delving deep into the new subject areas/business topics that he was working on, learning about them and figuring out how to apply what he had learned.

    Harold is a great example of how someone can continue to learn and grow and contribute by reinventing themselves throughout the course of their career.  We are sure he will continue to fill his mind with new information and ideas as he enjoys this new phase of his life called retirement!

    Thank you, Harold, for all you have done for CC Pace and our clients.  Everyone here will truly miss you – the best is yet to come!  Good luck!

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