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    March 23, 2016

    Talk TRID Pain Relief While at MBA Tech in Los Angeles!

    Are you attending MBA’s Tech Conference in Los Angeles? While you’re in LA, we invite you to schedule a 30-minute meeting with Managing Consultant, Keith Kemph, who will be in attendance and available to discuss how CC Pace’s TRID Rapid Review Program may be helpful to your organization. TRID is currently the mortgage banking industry’s #1 challenge to navigate. Our program is designed to drive down lender cost to cures, reduce closing time and minimize frustrations associated with TRID compliance. Keith will be available to share how CC Pace can help solve your greatest challenges with TRID. Keith will be available to meet April 3rd – 6th.   You can find out more about our ‘TRID Rapid Review’ program here, or reach out to Keith directly to schedule time with him at

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