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    March 1, 2021

    The What’s In and What’s Out of CC Pace

    It is pretty safe to say that, as we enter our 12th month of quarantining and the pandemic lifestyle, we are all experiencing COVID fatigue. So, rather than evoke a collective groan with yet another “here’s how to navigate the quarantine lifestyle” post, we have decided to try and lighten up the COVID experience a little with an entertaining review of how things have changed.  So, without further ado, here is CC Pace’s What’s In and What’s Out list!  Take a look and please let us know if there is anything we missed on our list – enjoy!

    OUT IN
    Conference calls Teams meeting with fun together modes
    Short emails with one question Slack or DMs
    Team lunches Door Dashed lunch
    Phone calls Video Calls
    Lengthy in-person meetings Emails with bullet points and lists
    Book Clubs Netflix recommendation discussions
    Company outings Online Trivia games
    Commuting to work Signing into Teams app or Zoom
    Printer jamming Internet connection issues
    Office inside jokes Company memes
    Alcohol shots Vaccine shots
    Starbucks Expanding your Keurig coffee selection
    “You’re on Mute” Awesome virtual backgrounds and cameo family member sightings during virtual meetings
    Juggling kids activities to keep them entertained Juggling kids online class schedules
    Happy Hour at the local bar Personal booze stockpiles
    Business attire Sweats, yoga pants and pjs
    Workplace status quo Angling your camera just right to ensure your PJ pants are not visible during your Teams meeting
    Dry Cleaners Never ending laundry piles
    Lunch hour errands Walking your dog 4 times a day
    Hanging out at the water cooler Never ending group chats
    4G 5G
    Picking up something for dinner Cooking at home and getting your Micheline star rated Chef groove on
    Airpods Noise Canceling Headphones
    High Heels and dress shoes What are shoes?
    Talking over a cube wall Stalking co-worker’s availability status on Teams  
    Office floorplan Makeshift home offices on kitchen counters
    Co-Workers Co-habitants
    Grabbing something from the vending machine Rummaging the fridge and/or pantry

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