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    April 10, 2019

    We Love Our People!

    As any successful leader will tell you, it is the people in your company who ultimately determine the success or failure of your business. At CC Pace, we know that our people are our most important asset, so employee recognition is a big part of our corporate culture.  It is important to us that our employees are recognized throughout the year, not only for milestone anniversaries, but for other things like specific contributions to our company big or small. Those recognitions can take on different forms: sometimes it’s a public “shout out” during our quarterly meetings, other times team leaders may present spot bonuses, and yet other times  co-workers and leadership team will express their appreciation at a personal level. But, we do have one major event each year to thank all our employees at the same time, and that is our annual party.

    Who doesn’t love a great party, right? Our annual get together allows our entire team to celebrate our accomplishments together. It’s also a great opportunity for those working remotely or at client sites to reconnect with their colleagues, mingle and have some fun.  This year’s event took place at Ruth’s Chris where the food was amazing, the spirits were exceptional, and the atmosphere was festive!

    Prior to our annual event, we held our corporate staff meeting where we had an opportunity to recognize and celebrate Erika Palomino and Steve Chojna’s 15 Year Anniversaries with CC Pace – wow! Erika is our Lead Contracts Specialist. She handles all our contracts, vendor negotiations, contract reviews, and all other required contractual documentation. She also helps support and manage our GSA contract, which is no small undertaking. But it’s not all business with Erika, as she has also added tremendous value and fun to our company culture as a member of People Engagement Committee (PEC). Her creativity and humor have led to some very entertaining and memorable events. A big thank you to you Erika!

    Steve is a Senior Consultant in our Financial Services practice. During his time with us he has worked with a wide variety of mortgage clients on various implementations, spent some time with Agile development writing user stories and has spread his wings now to documenting the business processes for managing the acquisition of genomic and phenomic research data. Steve does all of this with a good-natured spirit of collaboration and an infectious smile! Really, this guy is always in a good mood! Cheers to you Steve!

    Our President, Mike Gordon, presented Erika and Steve each with a service award and the traditional CC Pace gag gift – though everyone was super jealous of Erika’s (we can’t say what it was, but it was a bottle of something that rhymes with shekila).

    Here are some photos we captured from our fun festivities – enjoy!

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