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    November 14, 2022

    You Might Be A …?

    Surely, we’ve all heard about the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types identified in the workplace, and while they are useful, they are not necessarily the stuff that promotes a good laugh. We at CC Pace are all about working hard and having a bit of fun while doing it, so we thought we’d take a crack at pinpointing some of the traits that identify a few of the more common roles in the corporate world. Let’s see how many you can relate to:

    If your average Coke consumption is 5 or more a day … you might be a Developer

    If you think knowing binary takes someone from a “6” to a “10”… you might be a Software Engineer

    If you have a retrospective for your daughter’s Kindergarten graduation … you might be a ScrumMaster

    If you missed a “;” and couldn’t sleep for 2 days … you might be a Java Developer

    If you can keep smiling on the outside while crying on the inside … you might be a Receptionist

    If you camp in a random forest, get bitten by a Python because you couldn’t C# … you might be a Data Scientist

    If bagels and donuts day at work seems like an Instagramable moment … you might work in Marketing

    If the phrase “Hello from the other side, must have called a thousand times” means more to you than a line in an Adele song … you might be a Recruiter

    If a large part of your day consists of fielding questions like a White House Press Secretary … you might be a COO

    If your future Disney vacation is visually planned on your kitchen wall … you might be an Agile Coach

    If the definition of a good day includes eliminating the idea that things work … you might be a Test Engineer

    If Mad Max doesn’t come close to the amount of chaos you deal with daily … you might work in Human Resources

    If you find yourself measuring the flow efficiency of the Starbucks queue … you might be a Kanban Trainer

    If you jam out to the hold music while on a call with your bank … you might work in IT Support

    If a year that starts in April doesn’t weird you out … you might work in Accounting

    If you feel you need to follow up on yesterday’s follow-up… you might be a Project Manager

    If you like your coffee hot and your calls cold … you might be in Sales/Business Development

    If everybody stops the chit-chat when you login to a Zoom meeting … you might be the President

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