Employee Testimonials

What’s it like to work at CC Pace? Let our employees tell you firsthand why they work here.

“My main motivation for joining CC Pace centered on the flexible work environment, while also providing growth potential for both myself and the company. I am faced with new challenges every day, and my manager provides me with the information and support to identify solutions while continuing to learn and grow in my role. I truly enjoy the cohesive culture and friendly work atmosphere which starts with the President and permeates through every team member.”

Renee G., Human Resources

“I have been in the mortgage banking industry for over 25 years and I was looking for something different. I had actually worked with CC Pace since 1998 on several engagements at various lenders. I was looking for a different type of challenge, how do I help more companies with the knowledge that I have gained? CC Pace has been the perfect fit for me to meet that challenge. I have now been with CC Pace for just about a year and I am able to utilize my experience while at the same time gaining new insights from the long tenured staff here. The company is truly about having the right people in the right places, and I am enjoying working here and finding it very rewarding.”

Greg S., Senior Consultant

“I have been employed with CC Pace for 10 years and I have found my tenure to be both enjoyable & rewarding. It’s a family-friendly organization that cares about their employees. There is an open door policy, which I find to be objective & fair. I know my ideas and/or concerns are always taken into consideration. Working at CC Pace allows me to contribute to the success of the company, while growing professionally. I look forward to many more years with CC Pace.”

Rechelle C., Senior IT Recruiter

“I joined CC Pace because of their history of success, their emphasis on ensuring a healthy work/life balance and their dedication to serving and delivering immeasurable value to their clients. Throughout the interview process it became abundantly clear CC Pace isn’t your typical company just looking to fill seats with individuals who can ‘do the job’ but only invite individuals to join the firm who share their passion for delivering infinite value to their clients, who share the same values and are equally committed to becoming a valued member of the CC Pace Team. Since joining CC Pace the evidence is overwhelming how this company is not only committed to the clients they serve but the employees they hire.”

Keith, K., Senior Consultant