LIBOR Transition

LIBOR Transition

For Mid and Small Size Institutions

UPDATE 12/13/19: NY DFS has given the institutions that they regulate 9 weeks (4 of them Holiday weeks) to present their comprehensive LIBOR Transition plan. Why so short? Because their expectation is that firms should already have them.

CC Pace has partnered with FIRM Advisors to offer a full suite of LIBOR Transition services specifically for mid and small size institutions. LIBOR is much more pernicious and invasive than many companies realize – it is spread across loans, investments, hedging, swaps and more – and all changes have to be coordinated with customers or counterparties.

Are you prepared?

Our services include:

  • Performing a LIBOR Assessment
    • Providing Senior Management Education
    • What are your key issues? Exposures?
    • Analysis and recommendations for remediation and validation
    • How to account for SOFR not having a credit risk component?
  • Creating a LIBOR Transition Program
    • Program creation
    • Establishing Management, monitoring and governance
  • Leading Execution of that program
    • Program and project management
    • Program execution – changes to Process, Technology & Organization
    • Testing and Transformation
    • Support, Training & Enhancement

We understand our target market and how their needs differ from large institutions.

  • We bring not only our experience, but our artifacts
    • LIBOR Education
    • Survey assessment
    • LIBOR Transition Playbook
    • Program & Project management templates and samples
    • Our 5×5 framework


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